3 Healthy Snacks Options for Late Night Work

“Beep ~~~~~ ”

I’m startled by the unexpected noise coming from outside. Stretching myself, I cast a glance at the clock. It’s 11:30 pm. I was absorbed in my work, and haven’t noticed that it’s already that late.

Suddenly, I want to eat some snacks, so I get up and look around if there is anything suitable for eating now.

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“Snacks, snacks, snacks! Where are you?” I walk to the kitchen and see something on the shelf…

Woohoo, It’s nuts!


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Generally, nuts are good sources of fat, fiber and protein, and walnuts are one of the top healthiest nuts.

According to some scientists, walnuts contain higher levels of antioxidants than peanuts, almonds, pecans and pistachios, which help reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and other diseases.

The rich omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts help reduce oxidative stress in your brain and improve your brain signalling and neurogenesis. In other words, it keeps your brain functioning better!

Also, some studies pointed out that walnuts might help reduce your stress level by lowering your blood pressure, so it’s definitely a good snack option when you’re going “nuts”!

However, walnuts are dense in calories. A one-ounce serving (7 whole walnuts) already contains 183 calories. I guess you are not taking walnuts for weight gaining, so, don’t eat too much!

When I take up the walnuts bottle, I see a pack of something next to it. You guess what? It’s popcorn!


virtual assistant hk, snacks

You may wonder why I recommend such devil’s food to you, but frankly speaking, popcorn per se isn’t the devil, but sugar, butter and caramel are, and air-popped popcorn with minimum seasoned is actually a super healthy snack.

According to USDA, the daily adequate intake for fiber is around 25-38 grams. Popcorn, as a whole grain, is incredibly high in fiber. Only a 100-gram serving of air-popped popcorn already contains 14.4 grams of fiber, so it’s definitely a good snack to the one who wants to increase the fiber intake.

Air-popped popcorn is pretty easy to make, all you need is a non-stick pot with a lid and popcorn kernels –

  1. Preheat your non-stick pot in high heat
  2. Add popcorn kernels into the pot, cover with a lid, and cook it with a medium-low heat.
  3. Shake the pot every few seconds to avoid kernels getting burnt.
  4. Kernels should start popping after few minutes
  5. Turn off the heat when the pop-sound stops for more than 5 seconds
  6. Season the popcorn with some healthy and tasty topping, e.g. sea salt and pepper
  7. Voila! That’s your air-popped popcorn!

Next time, when you need to work till late night, and need some comfort food to cheer yourself up, you may consider to have some air-popped popcorn.

Popcorn is so attractive to me, so I put down the walnuts bottle, and go find a non-stick pot. 10 minutes later, a bowl of popcorn is ready! Yeah!

Now, I need something moist. I go open the fridge, and… here you are! Greek yogurt and blueberries!

Greek Yogurt and Blueberries

virtual assistant hk, snacks

According to a new study by the University of Cambridge, proteins help boost you up when your energy levels begin to dip. That means, you should eat high protein snacks instead of sugary treats for energy recharge.

Greek yogurt is rich in protein, and a 100-gram serving already contains 5 grams of protein, and this makes it a perfect snack for your late night work, especially when your energy is declining.

The rich protein not only helps power you up, but also helps build and maintain your body tissues. Greek yogurt also contains high levels of calcium, which is excellent for maintaining your bone health as well. Super cool, right?

To make the plain Greek yogurt more attractive and yummy, you may add some blueberries into it. Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Also, it contains high levels of antioxidants, which may help protect you against aging and cancer.

So, I would say that the combination of Greek yogurt and blueberries is a mixture of healthy and yummy!

It’s time to enjoy my late night meal now! I take all the wonderful snacks to the coffee table, then sit on the sofa. I feel soooooo great!

While I start throwing popcorn into my mouth, the clock catch my eye. OH MY GOD! It’s already midnight! How come?

Argh! I still have a transaction record list waiting for my update… aah… I should listen to my partner’s advice and outsource my routine work… If I had taken his advice, I would have been on my bed now.

OK! I promise I’ll contact a virtual assistant tomorrow and discuss the outsourcing things!  I PROMISE!!!

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