Every business deserves great support, no matter the size

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Hello there, I’m PC – Founder and a virtual assistant of “An Hour Plus”, a Hong-Kong-based but work-for-worldwide company, and I’m here to help save your time, so you can 100% focus on skyrocketing your business! 

I‘ve worked in the freight forwarding industry for over a decade, and have solid knowledge of shipment arrangement, and I definitely can help if you have any questions or issues with your shipping company.

Being an account manager for years, I sincerely understand the importance of customer service, because the more happy customers, the more sales you get, and the best way to serve your customers is to know them, truly, like you’re hiding in their keyboard! 

With this background, I’m confident to provide sound customer service not only to you, but also to your customers.  I do this because I want to see your business grow, and so do mine.

Recent years, I’ve changed my path to the administration field.  In my view, all administrators have one invaluable trait, that is flexibility.  As an administrator, I always have new tasks to deal with, because my boss and colleagues always have new ideas and requirements.  So, I would say although your administrative tasks might not be exactly the same as what I’ve handled, I’m still confident that I can figure it out, because I’m an administrator!

The story behinds An Hour Plus

virtual assistant hk

Once upon a time, my best friend sent me a link, which was a crowdfunding website.  She said the products there were very interesting, and it’s worth a look.  I, therefore, browsed through the website.  I found that some products were not just interesting, but also inspiring.  

“It would be wonderful if those products could finally go to the market.   They just make our life easier.”  I said excitedly.

“Yes, you’re right!  But it’s not that easy to get there,” she said.

“Why?  They’ve got the money already!”

All about lack of support

“It’s not only about money, it’s about the capability of keeping the ball rolling.  I heard a sharing from an entrepreneur before, he said starting a business was way more difficult than he thought it would be.  There was tons of work to do, and some were completely unknown to him.  

He is a product developer and never did any shipping stuff, and the aliens-like shipping document just made him gag!  He always needed to work till midnight, and this made him feel lonely and unsupported.  Fortunately, he’s got through all difficulties, and finally made his business off the ground, but not all startups can get through the tough time.”

Turn my idea to reality

Over the next few days, I kept thinking of what my friend said.  I felt pity to hear that some inspiring startups may not be able to keep going because of lack of support.

What if they could get the support that they need?

They should be supported…

They deserve the support!

They deserve the support!

They deserve the support!

And this is the reason why we started “An Hour Plus – Virtual Assistant”.  Our goal is to offer the best-fit but affordable support to startups, so they can keep staying in their games, bringing their life-improving products to the market, and eventually make the world better.